OpenLava Enterprise Edition
OpenLava Enterprise Edition
The industry's best open-source workload manager
EDA Simulation
EDA Simulation
Slash the cost of EDA workload management with Teraproc
Ready to Use R Environment in Minutes
Ready to Use R Environment in Minutes
Cost effective R cluster on AWS supporting free tier, spot, and GPU instances

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Why Teraproc

Guided by a belief that compute and data intensive distributed clusters should be simple, scalable, affordable and open, Teraproc delivers unique, turnkey cluster-as-a-service offerings tailored to design, simulation and scaled-out data science applications. Teraproc’s solutions improve analyst productivity, speed time to deployment, and provide user self-service on cloud for enhanced flexibility and managed costs.

Teraproc OpenLava Enterprise Edition

Teraproc R Analytics Cluster-as-a-Service

Teraproc HPC Cluster-as-a-Service with OpenLava


By using OpenLava, GridWay has been able to provide our clients with the high levels of support they need while simultaneously reducing lice...
Chris Kramer, GridWay
Teraproc Cloud Manager provides self-service portal that are required in order for us to serve enterprise and individual users. Their engine...
Public cloud provider
While just entering beta trials, Teraproc's R cluster-as-a-service offering makes it easier than ever to deploy a ready to use multi-user R ...
R studio user
With the addition of features like fairshare scheduling and job pre-emption in OpenLava, Teraproc is for the first time making it feasible f...
Cluster administrator
The Teraproc portal allows us to publish animation services and accelerate rendering. We chose Teraproc because they are willing and able to...
Animation Cloud Provider
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