Teraproc HPC Cluster-as-a-Service

logo_hpc_cloud_240Teraproc HPC Cluster-as-a-Service is a simple, scalable and affordable way to quickly deliver an HPC cluster in cloud with a built-in workload scheduler. Teraproc customers can focus on their own applications and data, and we do the rest delivering turnkey, elastic, pre-integrated clusters production proven on the industry’s leading public cloud platform.

  • Deploys in minutes with one step cluster creation
  • No infrastructure required by leveraging public cloud
  • Deploys in minutes
  • Scaling with ease
  • No cost with AWS Free Tier Instances
  • Cost effective with AWS Spot Instances
  • GPGPU support with ready to use CUDA environment

By leveraging Teraproc cluster-as-a-service foundation, HPC users now can easily deploy a cluster on Amazon Web Services that can be scaled in and scaled out based on their needs. Unlike competing cloud-based cluster solutions designed to support a single distributed framework, the Teraproc cluster-as-a-service foundation is versatile, supporting the diverse applications required to solve problems in particular fields. By supporting multiple applications and users on a single, shared cloud-based infrastructure, clients avoid the cost and complexity associated with managing multiple clusters while taking advantage of the compelling economic benefits of running scalable applications in the cloud.

Getting Started with HPC Cluster-as-a-Service provides step by step instructions on how to set up an HPC cluster with Amazon Web Services.