Teraproc OpenLava Enterprise Edition

logo_openlava_240Teraproc OpenLava Enterprise Edition is a hardened, enhanced, and supported distribution of OpenLava, an open-source, workload scheduler that supports a wide variety of HPC and analytic applications. Whether deployed on-site, on virtual infrastructure, or in the cloud, customers can take advantage of top-quality support services from Teraproc, helping ensure the success of their cluster deployment.

As one of the main contributors to OpenLava development, Teraproc provides fully tested binaries optimized for ease of installation, commercial support, training, and consulting services for OpenLava Enterprise Edition.
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openlava_datasheet_thumbnailOpenLava offers advanced features including job arrays, parallel jobs and job dependencies. It is production proven in environments with thousands of compute nodes, hundred thousands of cores and tens of millions of jobs. You can learn about new features in OpenLava 4.0 in the Teraproc blog.

Download the Teraproc OpenLava Enterprise Edition datasheet to learn more about how to use it for local or cloud-based clusters.

Teraproc are rapidly adding new features to OpenLava. If you have suggestions as to how we can make OpenLava better, please take a moment and use our suggestion box to share your good ideas.


gridway_logo“By using OpenLava, GridWay has been able to provide our clients with the high levels of support they need while simultaneously reducing license costs for workload management” – Chris Kramer – CEO & Co-founder, GridWay

Read the Case Study.

OpenLava Enterprise Edition Features

Comprised of 100% open source components•Avoid restrictive license agreements and fees
•Run on premises or in the cloud
•Preserve strategic flexibility
LSFTM(1) compatible•Leverage hundreds of existing application integrations
•Tap a large community of workload management experts
•Preserve investments in existing scripts and expertise
Rich scheduling features•Allocate resources according to configurable sharing policies
•Ensure that resource requirements are met for critical projects
•Ensure critical jobs, users or groups get resources when they need them
•Ensure service levels are met
•Respect asset ownership
Web GUI for job submission, monitoring, and reporting•Allow non-Linux savvy users to take the advantage of a powerful compute cluster
•Increase visibility of resource usage
•Make troubleshooting and user support easier
Docker support•Provide resource guarantees and application isolation
•Fast management operations
•Application encapsulation and cloud mobility
Cloud & VM friendly auto-scaling•Easily add or remove nodes on the fly
•Minimize administrator effort when changing cluster configurations
•Quickly tap idle resources
Commercial support•World-class cluster management expertise
•Support from the source – leaders in the development of open source workload management
•Ensure clusters are deployed in accordance with best practices

OpenLava Enterprise Edition Support Programs

More Resources

Check out Resources for extended OpenLava features contributed by the community.
(1) LSF is a registered trademark of IBM