Teraproc Cloud Manager

logo_on_prem_cloud_240Teraproc Cloud Manager is a complete solution of managing a heterogeneous cloud computing environment. Whether you have traditional or cloud workloads, Teraproc Cloud Manager helps you manage all your applications in one cloud environment. While other cloud management solutions only support applications running in a virtualized environment, Teraproc Cloud Manager is flexible providing your choice of deployment models. Teraproc Cloud Manager is easy to use designed for users with little experience managing cloud environments on premises.

cloud_manager_marketectureWhen modernizing IT infrastructure, an organization needs to have unified management practice and solution for both traditional workload and the emerging cloud workload. Teraproc Cloud Manager can manage heterogeneous resource pools, including virtualized resource pools, physical resource pools, and UNIX server pools. These pools can be distributed into a number of geographic locations. The centralized management console allows administrators to monitor and manage all these resource pools.

Solutions built with Teraproc Cloud Manager allow a site to migrate from bare metal to VMware, from KVM to Linux container, etc. while maintaining a consistent user experience.

Teraproc Cloud Manager can manage multiple heterogeneous resource pools including those managed by OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware, or bare metal physical servers, no matter these resource pools are connected via a LAN or WAN.

No matter whether you have a private cloud or hybrid cloud, Teraproc Cloud Manager allows you to focus on applications and services, rather than the complexity of the infrastructure management software.

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