Teraproc Products and Solutions

logo_openlava_240Teraproc OpenLava Enterprise Edition provides required features for sites to run OpenLava in a production environment. OpenLava is an open source workload scheduler for a cluster of computers. Whether deployed on-site, on virtual infrastructure, or in the cloud, Teraproc can help you get productive fast with top-quality support to make your deployment of open-source workload management software a resounding success. Learn more

logo_r_analytics_240Teraproc Cluster-as-a-Service for R analytics is a simple and affordable way for R users to deliver ready-to-use R clusters in the cloud. Preconfigured with R Studio, Shiny and a wealth of R tools, and ideal for clients with long-running, parallelizable R workloads, multi-user clusters can be deployed in minutes. An R developer need simply log in to get started building and deploying scalable R-based applications. Learn more

logo_hpc_cloud_240Teraproc HPC Cluster-as-a-Service is a simple, scalable and affordable way to quickly deliver multi-user application ready HPC clusters for a variety of design and simulation workloads. Teraproc customers can focus on their own unique applications and we do the rest delivering turnkey, elastic, pre-integrated clusters production proven on the industry’s leading public cloud platform. Learn more